Tim Tebow, 29- year old Heisman Trophy holder, has agreed to participate in the Met’s league happening in Florida. The entire contract remains undisclosed. Tebow disappointed in NFL’s three seasons. He was not included in the training camp last year. No one knows the reason why he has been cut out from the camp.

He was heard announcing that he has started a baseball career. The last time he played baseball was in 2005 at junior school.


When asked to Mets general about Tebow’s selection, he told that the team had got a ray of hope now. The League people have not given enough thought about this selection as all of them need a win. The people firmly believe that Tebow can help them to get a win.

Tim Tebow currently handles the position of a sports analyst in sec network. He has opted for continuing the job even though he will be doing his training. Tebow continues in working with the charity which grants children’s wishes like organizing proms, etc.
Tim Tebow told the magazines that you cannot sit at home with the disappointment of losing, You need to start checking for the next thing God has given you to do.

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New Joiner For New York Mets
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