Olympics 2020

The Olympic committee has formally declared the additional games in the Olympics in 2020. Softball and Baseball have officially added. However, no one has given the guarantee that these sports will be there in the Olympics after 2020. In 1992, baseball was in the list of Olympics games. In 1996, softball was also in the Olympic game. Because Olympics produced more athletes in other sports like tennis, the game which suffered a fall was baseball. Major players did not participate in the game, and as a result, baseball was taken off from the list of Olympics games in 2008. Along with baseball, softball also got erased from the list even though the players participated.

The softball game which is returning to the Olympics will be a golden opportunity for
the United States which had won softball tournaments before it was taken out from the Olympics game. The other country which will be happy to hear the news of the return of baseball will be Cuba. Cuba has won three gold medals in baseball.


There were concerns before taking baseball and softball back to the Olympics. The officials were not so sure that whether the major clubs will allow their players to participate in the Olympics for baseball and softball. However, confirmation was there that the Olympic officials have got into an agreement with the major clubs and leagues to have the players for Olympics. Officials said that they are looking to present the best athletes for the Olympics.

An American surfer said that it is great to hear that baseball and softball have made into the Olympics games. He is looking forward to view surfing in the Olympics so that he can represent his country. Many people have congratulated the Olympic association for the step they have taken to include baseball and softball.

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New Games In Olympics 2020
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