James Theodore Dudley bringing the first signs of plumbing to Houston TX

It has been 190 years since James Theodore Dudley was mayor of Houston. Theodore Dudley Was an important businessman, he also was the first post-Reconstruction mayor. Wilson helped in bringing the first signs of plumbing to Houston TX. He is kind of a father of plumbing in Houston TX.Plumbing services

The waterworks company was organized on April 15, 1879. For 131 years we have been using the water system in Houston But, not everyone knows how old the plumbing system really is.

Hohokam a Indian tribe was the first to make canals in Salt River Valley, Arizona. This was done in 350 BC. The Hohokam started to build the networks by using stones and wooden tools.

The thing that was amazing about them was they made their plumbing system go for many miles and it would connect to other tribes and they all shared it. Sadly in 1450 the Hohokam Indians were never seen again. There Great plumbing system stayed behind when they became instanced and that made our inventers make the new plumbing system.

When the new Americans found hollowed pipes they liked it. Water just flowed out easily. They had a ton of trees that they could use as pipes. There was only one problem; the wood would get rotten underground. To fix it they sealed the joints with tar and sometimes lead.plumbing

With change and time they made corrections to the system. Then they started calling it plumbing since it involved pipes going into and from the toilet bath house and drains.

In the 1800s people would use the bathroom but the water to wash your hands was outside. Some people were discussed on the way human waste smelled. That is why indoor plumbing was created. Hotels started using the bathroom that was inside, which made everything stink free and 100% private.

After that, the public bath houses became a private bathroom, when bathtubs and showers were introduced. Plumbers shifted from wood which caused infestations to lead pipes until the 70′s when lead was considered hazardous to health; by then, pipes were made out of ceramic, metal, concrete, plastic, lead and sometimes fiberglass. For the well to do people, at least one was set up in their homes. Up to this day, these are the positive outcomes of plumbing that we still enjoy and it all started with woods and logs. At least, the trial and error phase didn’t have to happen in our generation.

Now you know how old the plumbing in Houston and the US is. Plumbing systems became more complicated witch needs regular maintenance like any modern thing.

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James Theodore Dudley bringing the first signs of plumbing to Houston TX

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