Don’t pay too much for Air Conditioning Repair Parts

Warning: Most heating and air conditioning companies mark up their repair parts by 400% or more! If you want to know what those parts really cost them, please read on.

Welcome to Air-Conditioning Virginia Beach. Now, this is not your typical website where you have to sift through a bunch of boring, irelevant information on some company you have never heard of before to try and figure out if you want to give them a call to come fix your AC.air conditioning repair

And I promise, no annoying logos of air conditioning equipment brands plastered all over the place that are only there because we have received a kick back to recommend them… yes it happens, it is called co-op.

And no self-serving, silly pictures of the owners and employees… Okay, maybe a couple silly pictures of the owner! lol

You’ll find none of the typical stuff you see on a million other air conditioning websites that do very little in helping you choose a company you can trust and who will do the job right and at a price you can be comfortable with.

Like I said, this is not a typical company site, but it is one that will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on heating and air-conditioning repairs or system replacements.

I’m not kidding when I say that either. And unlike the other guys who may claim they have the lowest price in town, I’m prepared to prove it to if you stick around for awhile.

Before we get on with that, let me say that most folks know very little about their HVAC system, and air conditioning contractors in San Antonio, or any city in the Hill Country for that matter, will use that to their advantage. By the way, if you are wondering what HVAC stands for, its Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Actually, its not surprising that most homeowners know very little about how the air conditioning system keeps them comfortable. Why would you? I mean it is not something we learn in school or deal with very often or even think about much… unless it is not working.

You set your thermostat to come on when it gets too hot or too cold in the house and it kind of just does its magic. Maybe you change the air filters once a month… or once a year?

I’ve been in this line of work for quite a few years now and I’d have to say that at least 80% of the people I visit do not know where their air handling unit is located… or that they even have an air handling unit! The air handler is an integral piece of the heating and cooling system and usually pretty big, yet many people have never even seen it!

They know nothing about the evaporator coil, contactor, capacitor, condensate drains and on and on it goes. Trust me, its certainly understandable and there is a reason I’m beating this dead horse.

Service technicians know that they can talk a bunch of air conditioning trade lingo and you will have no idea if they are being straight with you.
air conditioner service
This is a tough economy we are going thru and there are tons of heating and cooling companies in the San Antonio area that are all trying to compete for the same customer. When many companies get a customer on the hook there is no telling when the phone will ring again so they get everything they can out of them!

But don’t take my word for it that many companies push there service technicians right up to the line of what can be considered unethical to maximize profits. You don’t really know me any better than any other guy out there… at least not yet anyway.

But let me tell you this. I’m sure you probably have heard of freon, or refrigerant and maybe have had to add some to your system in the past. If someone such as yourself is going to know something about an air conditioner it usually has to do with freon, right?

So, we have some common ground we can work with here. All air conditioners need freon to work. It is never supposed to need replacing and if you have to add any to get your unit cooling again you most likely have a leak or it was never charged right to begin with.

Now, over time it is possible to develop very tiny leaks in your system and if you add a couple of pounds of freon at the beginning of the summer you can often times make it to the fall without having to add more. This is pretty common and it is also a heating and cooling companies best friend!

A quick service call and a few pounds of freon, in and out the door in just a few minutes… but, they still charge you an arm and a leg for that freon. Just call around and you will see that most are charging from $65 a pound on up to $200 -$300… many won’t even tell you they charge and sya they need to get out to your house and do a proper diagnostic before they can tell you anything.

Fair enough but what happens when they charge you $89 to come out and then tell you that you need 3 lbs of freon at $100 per pound?

And here is where I come in. I charge just $25 per pound. Same refrigerant and same method of putting in in the system. Actually, I use superheat readings to charge the system properly, most guys just put their hand on the pipe until it gets cold…not good.

I also have low service charges to come out, much lower than most other companies. Just $39 gets me to your door and and a proper diagnosis of your air conditioner in writing.

I’m properly liscensed and have a fully stocked service van and use the same parts everyone else does. Only difference is I do not mark those parts up by 400% or more like most other contractors. In fact, I actually list what the part cost me and everyone else on my main website!

I describe the repair and how long it should take and give you a price on what the job should actually cost, right there on my website!

Need a new fan condenser motor? Most will charge well over $300 for that job. Some go as high as $600 or $700. My price? Generally under $180!

Need a contactor or dual capacitor? No problem, just look them up on my site and see what the part actually cost and how long the job will take… and then tell that repairman who quoted 5 times as much to please go away.

I have a video at my main company website that explains it all. But, you may be asking how I can keep my prices so low, right?

Simple really. I have very low overhead and make most of my income in online sales, not by charging you outrageous repair prices.

Now when I say low overhead that does not mean I drive an old pickup truck and work off the kitchen table. No backwoods mechanic here. In fact, here is a picture of one of my service vans. All of my vehicles are paid for… meaning, you are not picking up the monthly payments!

I sure don’t mean to beat up on other companies out there and I will never name names but you have to be careful. I’ve been in this business long enough to know home some guys operate.< AC Repair

The fact that I put what I pay for my parts on my website ought to give you some peace of mind and I’d sure like to earn the rest!

You can check out my video and all the info over at and then give me a call if you feel comfortable doing so. At the very leats, use that information as a negotiating tool if you call on someone else, okay?

Oh, this site is actually a place where I will be documenting a lot of the service calls I go on as well as explaining some of the more common problems you might experience as your air conditioning unit begins to get some age on it.

I might talk a little about organizations like ACCA and ASHRAE and what they actually do to regulate our industry. I will certainly voice my opinion of the Better Business Bureau and the State Contractor’s Board as well.

This site will be a platform where I can educate, inform and express my opinions about the heating and air conditioning industry. I will of course talk about the various brands of heating and cooling equipment like Trane, Carrier, York and Goodman but will tell you up front, they are all roughly the same… what matters is how they are installed and by whom.

So come back and visit Air-Conditioning San Antonio often and if you need help, just give me a call and I’ll do whatever it takes to win your loyalty.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Don’t pay too much for Air Conditioning Repair Parts

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