Chicago Cubs are charging up themselves for a win in the World Series. If they win a difficult match, it will sweeten their win more. For years, no baseball team has won in such a way.
The opponents, Cleveland Indians might have to blame their karma, if they lose the game. The formulas the Indians are using are great pitchers and accurate hitting. This match leaves the Cubs with a narrow pathway towards victory. The Indians won four matches from Toronto. They swept away the series. The Indians have 12 pitchers on the team. However, only four players are for pitching.


The Cubs are badly wounded now, and they need a definite win. In the three series losses, the Cubs have drawn only four. After the loss of the National League series, the players said that they need to think smaller and stop swinging. The Cubs need to be patient and play carefully. All the Cubs need to do is get a ball through the hole.

It will not be an easy task for the Cubs to win this game. Only Kansas City Royals won in the World Series in 1985. If checked in the history, only ten teams who dropped three games of the four have won the series.

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Chicago Cubs – Hoping For The Best Win
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