New Games In Olympics 2020

Olympics 2020

The Olympic committee has formally declared the additional games in the Olympics in 2020. Softball and Baseball have officially added. However, no one has given the guarantee that these sports will be there in the Olympics after 2020. In 1992, baseball was in the list of Olympics games. In 1996, softball was also in the Olympic game. Because Olympics produced more athletes in other sports like tennis, the game which suffered a fall was baseball. Major players did not participate in the game, and as a result, baseball was taken off from the list of Olympics games in 2008. Along with baseball, softball also got erased from the list even though the players participated.

The softball game which is returning to the Olympics will be a golden opportunity for
the United States which had won softball tournaments before it was taken out from the Olympics game. The other country which will be happy to hear the news of the return of baseball will be Cuba. Cuba has won three gold medals in baseball.


There were concerns before taking baseball and softball back to the Olympics. The officials were not so sure that whether the major clubs will allow their players to participate in the Olympics for baseball and softball. However, confirmation was there that the Olympic officials have got into an agreement with the major clubs and leagues to have the players for Olympics. Officials said that they are looking to present the best athletes for the Olympics.

An American surfer said that it is great to hear that baseball and softball have made into the Olympics games. He is looking forward to view surfing in the Olympics so that he can represent his country. Many people have congratulated the Olympic association for the step they have taken to include baseball and softball.

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Analyzing The Hall Of Fame


Former baseball player Ichiro Suzuki visits the hall of fame frequently. He mostly used to come during off seasons. Sometimes he would like to stay in the hall of fame till evening and sometimes he stays overnight. The hall of fame is a special place for him. He has visited the place six times continuously. Suzuki first visited the hall of fame in 2001, the first season he had 200 hits with the group Seattle Mariners. In 2013 he went back to Cooperstown after the season with Yankees.

He made a habit of visiting the hall of fame when he noticed an exhibit which celebrated his record of 262 hits. This hit was in 2004. He has gone through the documents in the library and checked the historic equipment in the archive. The archive included many objects that were not displayed. He has donated many objects to the hall of fame and has promised that he will donate all his artifacts gradually.

The archive cannot be viewed by the public until it gets the permission. Suzuki has examined the historic bats. The museum now keeps a set of things aside for Suzuki to review. They need him to analysis the objects. Suzuki searches for resonant point by tapping on the bat and listens to the sound it produces. Suzuki can identify if the bat is of strong wood or not. When he checked very old bat, he told that he had never heard a sound like that. He might have felt that it is of strong woods.

Suzuki’s idea of focusing on the sound is interesting and not surprising. It is a scientific approach to analyzing the bat. When he used to play, he likes to carry eight bats with moisture absorbing bags. When asked about it, he said ‘We take care of our bats and instruments.

Zika Concerns: Tournament Gets Canceled


Zika virus has threatened the world altogether. The baseball league was called off due to the fear of Zika virus. Officials described it as a shameful act to cancel the league. Most of the officials were unhappy hearing the news of canceling the league. It was clear that players were warned and asked to be indoors wearing long sleeves. They were asked to cover up themselves in bug spray. They were asked not to come out unless necessary. This precaution gave the players an idea about the situation, and this has made them ask for a venue change or the league cancellation. This situation has made the players think about the situation and then they raised their concerns.

Reports have stated that zika virus infection is there in the place where the match is going to happen. That means mosquitoes are spreading this virus to the people. In December, the first case of this virus got reported. This report has panicked the players, and most of them want to leave the place as soon as possible.

After getting the request from players, the games have relocated to Miami because of the Zika virus concern. The players have received various sessions from the prevention center, which advised to take precautions while traveling with pregnant ladies and partners. After getting sessions from the center, the majority of the players wanted to move the games to Miami.

For the Puerto Rico, it will be a loss as it cannot pay the debt of 400 million dollars. Puerto Rico has chosen to keep its citizens healthy rather than paying the debt. Reporters said that Puerto Rico was trying to convince the government to pass a bill for debt clearance. As per reports Puerto Rico will have to face an additional payment of a debt or 1.9 billion dollars.