Things Affecting The Baseball Game


Stephen Strasburg, one of the famous pitchers in baseball, did not show up for the All-star game. The All-star game began in a celebration and an exhibition. The absence of Strasburg is one of the minor things that were going to affect the things majorly. The National League failed to American league with American League taking a victory of 4-2. It is a point for the other clubs like Cubs, the Nationals, the Giants, etc. that if you want to celebrate a title, that too at home, you need to achieve victory in four or five games itself.

The ceremonies went well on Tuesday night. Before the game started, awards got declared for winning National League and American League. The awards were in the name of Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn. This award pleased the fans from the late Gwynn’s town. It was the final season for red sox slugger player David Ortiz. The entire American National league came out to hug him.

However, the major difficulty is the impact of least important game affecting the most important game. Players do many things that would not have done on training, or the last game. In the last All-star game, the player decided something like changing the designated hitter or allowing a fifth person to bat third rather than focusing on winning the game. This case is the reality. It is a special feeling to get into the World Series and have advantages like you have at your home ground. Players enjoy the hostile environment. The yelling sounds and the encouraging sounds and screaming from the audiences boost the energy. It gives the entire power to go ahead and play well.

The All-star game has given nine times World Series winners. It is sure that the best all-star game in sports is baseball than any others.

The Baseball Effect On Viewers


When the All-star game got shown, the first thing noticed, was a half occupied viewer gallery.
Is this a sign of a decline in that sport? If checked the viewership of 1980, the number has drastically come down. If statistics are checked almost 55 percent fall has happened.
If the view ship for this game is declining, the opposite is happening for the clubs. Their viewer lists are growing. Most people got attracted towards club baseball. The current champions have got a high rating in the record.

Baseball is the highest rated programming in all summer; still, it is not able to attract the prime time audience.

The game is still known as America’s pastime, but with no meaning. Some people call it as America’s past. However, the baseball game plays an important role in building relation with the sport and fans. The game was famous in 1970’s, but the viewership has come down. In 1930, it was more famous. People became fans, and the interest was there till 1970. Baseball attracts more people towards it. This game has got more fans than any other game as it has got regular season games than football and basketball.

In this era of entertainment options, the place of baseball is among the Trinity has been undermined. Most of the baseball game viewers are not young people. The younger people are more into National League. There are many baseball clubs that takes part in the National League. Baseball along with softball has even selected for the Olympics games in 2020. After years the game had made a comeback.

The All-star game, does that mean anything? It is not known as a championship game. People do accept that there is a decline in the viewership. But it does not mean the end of the game.