Things Affecting The Baseball Game


Stephen Strasburg, one of the famous pitchers in baseball, did not show up for the All-star game. The All-star game began in a celebration and an exhibition. The absence of Strasburg is one of the minor things that were going to affect the things majorly. The National League failed to American league with American League taking a victory of 4-2. It is a point for the other clubs like Cubs, the Nationals, the Giants, etc. that if you want to celebrate a title, that too at home, you need to achieve victory in four or five games itself.

The ceremonies went well on Tuesday night. Before the game started, awards got declared for winning National League and American League. The awards were in the name of Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn. This award pleased the fans from the late Gwynn’s town. It was the final season for red sox slugger player David Ortiz. The entire American National league came out to hug him.

However, the major difficulty is the impact of least important game affecting the most important game. Players do many things that would not have done on training, or the last game. In the last All-star game, the player decided something like changing the designated hitter or allowing a fifth person to bat third rather than focusing on winning the game. This case is the reality. It is a special feeling to get into the World Series and have advantages like you have at your home ground. Players enjoy the hostile environment. The yelling sounds and the encouraging sounds and screaming from the audiences boost the energy. It gives the entire power to go ahead and play well.

The All-star game has given nine times World Series winners. It is sure that the best all-star game in sports is baseball than any others.

Analyzing The Hall Of Fame


Former baseball player Ichiro Suzuki visits the hall of fame frequently. He mostly used to come during off seasons. Sometimes he would like to stay in the hall of fame till evening and sometimes he stays overnight. The hall of fame is a special place for him. He has visited the place six times continuously. Suzuki first visited the hall of fame in 2001, the first season he had 200 hits with the group Seattle Mariners. In 2013 he went back to Cooperstown after the season with Yankees.

He made a habit of visiting the hall of fame when he noticed an exhibit which celebrated his record of 262 hits. This hit was in 2004. He has gone through the documents in the library and checked the historic equipment in the archive. The archive included many objects that were not displayed. He has donated many objects to the hall of fame and has promised that he will donate all his artifacts gradually.

The archive cannot be viewed by the public until it gets the permission. Suzuki has examined the historic bats. The museum now keeps a set of things aside for Suzuki to review. They need him to analysis the objects. Suzuki searches for resonant point by tapping on the bat and listens to the sound it produces. Suzuki can identify if the bat is of strong wood or not. When he checked very old bat, he told that he had never heard a sound like that. He might have felt that it is of strong woods.

Suzuki’s idea of focusing on the sound is interesting and not surprising. It is a scientific approach to analyzing the bat. When he used to play, he likes to carry eight bats with moisture absorbing bags. When asked about it, he said ‘We take care of our bats and instruments.