Zika Concerns: Tournament Gets Canceled


Zika virus has threatened the world altogether. The baseball league was called off due to the fear of Zika virus. Officials described it as a shameful act to cancel the league. Most of the officials were unhappy hearing the news of canceling the league. It was clear that players were warned and asked to be indoors wearing long sleeves. They were asked to cover up themselves in bug spray. They were asked not to come out unless necessary. This precaution gave the players an idea about the situation, and this has made them ask for a venue change or the league cancellation. This situation has made the players think about the situation and then they raised their concerns.

Reports have stated that zika virus infection is there in the place where the match is going to happen. That means mosquitoes are spreading this virus to the people. In December, the first case of this virus got reported. This report has panicked the players, and most of them want to leave the place as soon as possible.

After getting the request from players, the games have relocated to Miami because of the Zika virus concern. The players have received various sessions from the prevention center, which advised to take precautions while traveling with pregnant ladies and partners. After getting sessions from the center, the majority of the players wanted to move the games to Miami.

For the Puerto Rico, it will be a loss as it cannot pay the debt of 400 million dollars. Puerto Rico has chosen to keep its citizens healthy rather than paying the debt. Reporters said that Puerto Rico was trying to convince the government to pass a bill for debt clearance. As per reports Puerto Rico will have to face an additional payment of a debt or 1.9 billion dollars.